Ursula Mascaró

The search for new designs and research into forms and fabrics in footwear design have formed a constant part of the life of Ursula Mascaró, daughter of the famous footwear designer Jaime Mascaró. Born into this Menorca-based family, Ursula soon discovered that she too had the talent and capacity to develop her own style and become a designer. Years later in Milan, the heart of the fashion scene, she studied interior decorating, fashion and footwear design, and it was during this period that she created her first models and collections.

Part of Ursula Mascaró’s creativity is the result of her travels and the periods she spent studying in London and New York, where she continued her training. According to Ursula, "in order to be able to enjoy a fruit, it has to be grown with love and attention", yet she also values intuition as an essential part of the creative process. She does not see design that comes upon you suddenly, but rather as the consequence of a lengthy and carefully thought-out process.

In the 1990s, Ursula launched her own line, Ursula Mascaró, using her personal style to create a world of shoes, bags and accessories. Her cutting-edge, innovative proposal works as a counterpoint to Mascaró’s more classic lines. Ursula Mascaró has successfully expanded into the European and Asian markets.

She has more recently ventured into the American market by opening a major and highly exclusive retail t Jaime Mascaró and Ursula Mascaró in New York.

Alongside Mascaró and Pretty Ballerinas and Pretty Loafers, the Ursula Mascaró brand is one of the three lines owned by the Mascaró Group. The group produces more than 500,000 pairs of shoes a year.

Europe, the US, Japan and Middle East are its main global markets.